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Should Brands Special Database Businesses Start Preparing

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Should Brands Special Database Businesses Start Preparing

» 30.04.2022 09:29 am

ACL DirectPromo We know about Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives We like to create unique Special Database UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills Brands and companies have several ways to connect with their consumers and to convey the key messages they want to share with them. Among all of them, advertising is the great queen, because it is the one that allows us to reach consumers in a broader, more ambitious way and that breaks Special Database the barriers of ignorance. It is the one that often helps the consumer to know that that brand directly exists. But, at the same time, advertising is becoming a kind of ballast, something that consumers see with increasingly worse eyes and towards which they are more and more critical.

The ads - due to the abuse of the use of advertising and their increasing presence and more and more annoying every day - have made consumers not only have no problem ignoring them, but also be quite proactive when it Special Database to blocking them. . The data on the use of adblocking systems worldwide was used as a kind of meter to verify this reality and to understand the level to which the user had reached in the face of advertising content, but the truth is that it is not the only data that shows it and it is not the Special Database only behavior that puts traditional advertising in danger. The fact that consumers are increasingly enthusiastic users of services such as VoD portals, which allow access to television content without also having to watch commercial breaks, makes the state of things clear. As more viewers watch audiovisual content on Netflix or HBO, they are losing time watching ads.

Marketers should start preparing for a world without ads Is this the beginning of a radical change? Does the idea of ​​a new frontier Special Database that big brands first and then companies of all sizes will have to conquer? There are those who already think so and those who are sure that companies have to work to position themselves in a future market in which there will be no announcements as we know them today. The future without ads The chief brand officer of Procter & Gamble, Marc Pritchard, already believes that the future will go in that direction and has Special Database warned that marketers should start preparing for a world without ads . "He would say that the days of advertising as we know it are numbered and we have to start thinking about a world without ads," he recently noted, as Warc now analyzes .

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